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Regular Training Commences April 18th

We are looking forward to being back to regular training on April 18th. Hope everyone enjoyed their break and we look forward to many exciting stories from the Vimy Trip.

We have many activities coming up between now and the end of the year so please mark your calendars:

Apr 18: Snowbirds Tryouts

Apr 22: Garage Sale

Apr 22: Highway Clean Up

Apr 27-30: Tagging

May 6: Gliding

May 12-14: Spring Field Training Exercise (FTX)

May 28: Gliding

Jun 4: Gliding

Jun 10: Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) Rehearsal/Practice

Jun 11: Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

Jun 13: Year-End BBQ

Jun 20: Camp Information Night

Please make sure you keep an eye on both our Squadron Calendar and Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.

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