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Gliding May 6th

The below cadets are signed up for gliding. Apologize to those who signed up and are not on this list. You will be at the top of the list for the next available opening.

Please be at the Legion for 0745, as the bus will be leaving shortly after 0800. We will be returning around noon.

Please ensure you wear weather appropriate clothing as we may still flying even if it is raining. Also bring something to sit on, waterbottle, snacks and maybe a book or playing cards. There will not be food provided to cadets or available to purchase. HEALTH CARDS ARE MANDATORY!

  1. Brooks

  2. Freeman

  3. Moore

  4. Quinn

  5. Dlamini

  6. Matzke

  7. Poliziani

  8. DuPlessis

  9. Gagne, Chase

  10. Corado

  11. Lime

  12. Rairakhia, Ajay

  13. Ahmad

  14. Maposa

  15. Dula

  16. Ibbott

  17. Kamboe

  18. Pronovost

  19. Horvath

  20. Keenan

The following cadets have unfortunatly been bumped from the list as we can only take a max of 20 cadets. They will be prioritized for the next available open spots.

  • Ruetas, Jason

  • Ruetas, Alicia,

  • Hotchkies, Mya

  • Bateman

  • Kohler

  • Ogale

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