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Spring FTX

Operation Mike Bravo is upon us and cadets will be busing out to Everton Scout Camp for the May 12-14 weekend, as a staff present to all the mothers out there.

Please insure the permission forms are filled out and handed in before they get on the Bus Friday (yes they can be handed in Friday when they arrive to meet the bus). HEALTH CARDS ARE MANDATORY, Cadets will not be permitted on the bus without a Health Card and staff will hold onto them for the duration of the trip.

Drop Off: Friday May 12th @ the Legion between 1630 and 1730

Return: Sunday May 14th @ the Legion approx 1600 (will will call if this time varies significantly

Dress: Link to Kit list Here

Permission Form: Link Here

When packing please be mindful of the weather and pack accordingly.

Medication: Cadets will be required to hand in any medication they require to take to the staff upon arrival. They will also be responsible for taking their own medication. Please send medication in their original container (if able) as well as in a ziploc bag marked accordingly -->

****NOTE: Sleeping Bags and Pads will not be provided this year. If you do not own one please inform the staff, so that one can be provided.

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