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Gliding Oct 7th

The following cadets have been selected to attend gliding this weekend.

LAC Kandula

LAC Ruetas, J

LAC Ruetas, A

Cpl Horvath

Cpl Hotchkies, C

Cpl Hotchkies, Mya

FCpl Khan

AC Groves-Pagnotta

AC Groves-Pagnotta

FCpl Cowan

FCpl Du Plessis

LAC Sinkia

LAC Kamboe

LAC Pronovost

FCpl Rairakhia, Aj

FCpl Ahmad

LAC Carrescia

FCpl Corado

FCpl Reid, J

LAC Reid, E

When:1200 to 1600

(we will be notifying parents via Facebook, Remind and Phone calls when we are leaving the gliding centre as exact return times are difficult)

Where: Meet at the Legion

Dress: Appropriate Civilian Attire.

(You will be outside all day so dress for the weather. Closed toed shoes, Hat, Sunglasses, light jacket etc...)



  • Something to sit on - Folding chair, blanket, towel

  • Activity - Book or cards

  • Camera - if you want to take pictures

  • Sunscreen - although it is getting cold its still sunny out

  • Waterbottle

  • Snacks - there is nowhere to purchase food so if you think you might get nibbly come 3:00 bring a snack

Day's Layout:

For those that this is their first time, cadets will be taking a school bus from the legion to Niagara District Airport in St Catherines. Before getting on the bus cadets MUST present their HEALTH CARD. Upon arrival the cadets will be greeted by a staff cadet, who has through the cadet program obtained their glider pilots license. They will be given a safety briefing then transported out to the middle of the airfield. Cadets will, in turn, get to fly one of our 2 seater gliders with a trained pilot.

If there are any further questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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