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Fall FTX

Where and When

Cadets are to be at Mt Nemo Scout Camp between 1730 hrs (5:30pm) and 1800 hrs (6:00pm)13th of October. Cadets are to be picked up at Mt Nemo Scout Camp at 1600 (4:00) on the 15th

Permission Forms

Permission forms are now available on our resource page or here:

Kit List

Medical Considerations

If your cadet has special dietary restrictions or allergies we must be made aware as soon as possible. We will rely the information we have on file but you must advise us if anything has changed. Your cadet must be in possession of their Ontario Health Card. If your cadet is not in possession of their health card they will not be permitted to participate. The staff will collect and hold on to the health cards for the weekend.


If your cadet requires medication, please send it with them clearly labelled. Staff will hold onto any medication for safe keeping, but it is the responsibility of the cadet to take their own medication.

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