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Squadron News!

Last Tuesday January 23rd, 2018, we had a lot of updates, changes, and upcoming events announced at closing parade. Please find a summary of all recent news below! Any questions please see the OPI for the event on a Tuesday or contact us via Facebook or email.

Promotions and Badges: Many badges and promotions have been awarded in the past couple weeks. If you received a Level Badge, Fitness Badge, First Aid Badge, or Promotion please see the following page on our website. RESOURCES>UNIFORM STANDARDS>BADGE UPDATE 2016

OPI: Any officer or senior cadet

Uniform Standards: It has been noticed lately that not as much effort and care is being put into wearing the Air Cadet Uniform. Please ensure that every time you wear your uniform it is clean, ironed, boots polished, and hair up to standard. If you have any questions regarding uniform or hair standards, please ask your flight commander and check out this page on our website. Haircuts are needed males! RESOURCES>UNIFORM STANDARDS> all documents listed explain these standards

OPI: Any officer or senior cadet

Supply Requests: A reminder that if a new uniform part is required (ie: incorrect size, etc), complete the supply request form on our website and your request will be filled as soon as possible by our Supply Staff on a Tuesday training evening!

OPI: CI May, CV Shields

Tuesday January 30th, 2018: This Tuesday is not a regular training night, it is a sports night! We will be at Corpus Christi Catholic Secondary School at 5150 Upper Middle Rd, Burlington. We will follow regular timings 630PM-915PM and everyone is to wear appropriate sports attire for running, jumping, etc, including running shoes and a water bottle!

*Note: Effective Speaking practice that is normally held prior to training on Tuesday evenings will be cancelled on this night.

OPI: Any officer

Band and Flag Party Practice: Timings for Band and Flag Party practice every Monday have been changed to 6pm-9pm, extending practices by an extra hour as we have a Band competition quickly approaching. Flag Party does not practice every week, members will be notified by Sgt Cowan. Flag Party will be practicing this Monday January 29th.

OPI: CI MacLeod

Snooker Practice: We now hold Snooker practices every Saturday morning at the Legion, downstairs in the lounge, from 9am-11am! What is Snooker? It’s a cue sport, similar to pool but on a grander scale with more complicated rules. Interested in coming out and learning some fun skills? Sign up on our website!

OPI: CV Bitman

Effective Speaking: The Effective Speaking team equips cadets with the skills to effectively address/present to an audience as well as composition skills by way of writing notes, speeches, etc. Effective speaking is a life skill that will assist not only in the cadet program, but throughout one’s life, and as such we highly recommend this program to all cadets. There are competition opportunities as well as OPC organized workshops. Interested? Come on out on Tuesdays prior to regular training from 530pm-630pm. Effective speaking practice will be cancelled this Tuesday January 30th due to sports at a alternate location, but will resume the following week.

OPI: Mr Ogale

Summer Camp Applications: Summer camp is a brilliant opportunity to further your skills in a specific element within cadet training that interests you. There are many options and ‘trades’ available depending on your training level, age and interests. Check out what’s available on our website and print off the form. Forms are due by the end of February to the administration officer. Camp forms are also available in the office from the administration officer on a Tuesday! RESOURCES>FORMS AND DOCUMENTS>SUMMER TRAINING PAMPHLET 2018/SUMMER TRAINING INFORMATION PACKAGE 2018/SUMMER CAMP APPLICATION

OPI: Lt Taylor

Senior Course Interviews: The application for senior summer courses are well underway. Glider and Power interviews have already been conducted, but now we move on to the interview process. If you have applied for a senior course this summer, we will be holding a mock interview practice on the weekend of February 3rd and 4th and the interviews will be held on Saturday February 10th from 0900-1200. All participants have been emailed the details.

OPI: OCdt Boychyn, Lt Taylor

Marksmanship and Sports: Both are still held bi-weekly on a rotating basis. You must sign up to participate in Marksmanship. Please see the google calendar on the homepage of our website or listen to announcements on a Tuesday to know which will be happening each week.

OPI: marksmanship; Lt(N) Livingston, WO2 Czelinski. Sports; CV Renaud

Squadron Newspaper: We are interested in starting up a Newspaper within our squadron! If you are interested in participating, please speak to FSgt Johnson. Potential duties may include writing articles, taking photos, etc.

OPI: FSgt Johnson

OPC Tickets and Bingo: There are still OPC tickets outstanding! The SSC needs these back as soon as possible to be included in the lottery draw. As a cadet, if you have signed up for the March Break trip, it is mandatory to sell your quota of lottery tickets to meet acceptance criteria. Bingo is also still in need of volunteers. Bingo is a major fundraiser in our squadron that supports us in many ways but especially in our rent. This is something that we ask all parents sign up for. Cadets can not sign up to help with Bingo or attend due to provincial laws outlining age restrictions. We ask that all families commit to at least one session per year. Bingo is Sunday mornings every week from 830am-12pm. 3 people minimum are needed per week. Please sign up for your shift on the SSC’s website.


Elections: Something new in the cadet program this year is participating in a mock election to prepare cadets for the experience in the future and encourage voting and using the power of their voice. We have prepared our mock election to be held on Tuesday February 13th, during training. Cadets will be voting on a Flight Flag. Flag submissions are due by email to by midnight on February 12th. Any cadet can submit a flag design for their flight.

OPI: OCdt Boychyn

Swim Comp: 715 will be hosting its first ever Swim Competition! In the past this has been a 540 Golden Hawks Squadron hosted event, and before that it was hosted by 150 Tiger Squadron, but with the arrival of Capt Ohanian-May it now belongs to 715 Mohawk! This fun-filled event will be at Bennetto Recreation Centre at 450 Hughson St N, Hamilton. It will be held on Saturday February 10th from approximately 2:30pm-11pm. A bus will transport all participants from the Legion to the rec center in Hamilton and will return the cadets at the conclusion of the competition back at the legion. Cadets will participate in different swim heats based on their age. See online sign up to register. There are at least 8 other local air cadet squadrons that will be attending! Afterwards, dinner will be provided, followed by a Valentines themed dance and open gym for sports! If you don’t want to swim, not to worry, you can also sign up to come as a spectator and cheer on your friends! To sign up for this event, see the different heats, and get more details on the day, please see the sign-up page on our website. Spectators must sign up as well. Hope to see you all there!

OPI: Capt Ohanian-May

March Break Trip: This year we will be heading off to QUEBEC CITY during March Break! Sign up for this trip has now been closed. The trip will be from Saturday March 10th to Wednesday March 14th. The trip has a full itinerary of exciting things to do! If you signed up for the trip, the list of accepted cadets will be posted this coming Tuesday January 30th at sports night. There will be a cost of $150 per cadet to attend the trip which will be due at a meeting for parents of cadets who have been accepted and those who are placed on the stand-by list. More information will follow shortly. See the website for the tentative itinerary. Please note, this trip is still pending approval from Ottawa.

OPI: Capt Ohanian-May, CI May

Any questions regarding any event, please speak with the appropriate OPI listed for the event, or contact the squadron via Facebook or email at

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