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Joint FTX - Final Information

Well this weekend is almost upon us, so here is some final information about the weekend.


Drop Off 06 Apr 2018 1730(5:30pm) cadets to arrive at Burlington Legion. Bus will depart for CTC Blackdown no later than (NLT) 1800 Please ensure cadet eat before arrival as dinner will not be provided upon arrival.

Pickup 08 Apr 2018 1700(5:00pm) cadets will return to Burlington Legion

***Note the pick up time may change so keep and ear out for Remind as our return time may be effected by all the Toronto traffic we will have to get through.


A Kit List is available on our Resource Page so please make sure you read all of it. ENSURE you bring a warm sleeping bag or at least a few blankets as it will be cold. Also make sure you pack warm clothes. Whatever temperature it is in Burlington, expect Borden to be at least 5 degrees colder.


Cadets will NOT get on the bus unless a permission form and health card have been handed in. Staff will be holding on the Health Cards so do not be concern about cadets losing them. The Bus will NOT wait if any of these items have been forgotten, so make sure you remember to pack it. Permission Forms are available on the Resource Page.


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