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Spring Tagging - Apr 26-29

April 26-29, our cadets will be out in Burlington collecting donations to support our facility costs and optional activities.

Cadets - Mandatory

This is a MANDATORY event. All cadets must do at least 4 SHIFTS. Cadets who do all 6 shifts will be recognized!

Cadets will be outside in full uniform, paired in groups with an experienced cadet. So dress for the weather. Instructions and information will be provided when you arrive for your shift.

Drivers Wanted

We are also looking for parents to volunteer as drivers. This take very little time out of your day as all we ask is that you drop a group of cadets off at their location and pick them up at the end of the day.

Counters Wanted

We are also looking for volunteers to assist in counting donations at then end of the day. The more volunteers we have the faster this goes.

Cadets and Parents to sign up go to our sign up page.


Thu 1700-2100

Fri 1700-2100

Sat am 0900-1200

Sat pm 1300-1700

Sun am 0900-1200

Sun pm 1300-1700

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