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Announcements - May 1,2018


WOW!!!! Amazing job everyone for a fantastic tagging weekend.

A thank you goes out to all the Cadets for working hard for coming out to more than the required number of shifts, everybody helps. Thank you to the parents for helping drive cadets out to their locations and for helping to count, without you we can't be as effective and all your extra help makes for light work. Thank you to the staff for supporting us and helping make tagging possible. A big thanks goes to our fantastic SSC for all their work in organizing this fundraiser, booking the locations and giving all your time to ensure the cadets can continue to do fun things. Lastly a huge thank you to the businesses all around Burlington for supporting 715 by allowing us to fundraise outside your various establishments!

With all the support for everyone we raised.....(drumroll)...... $23,006.28 !!!!!!! Thank you everyone!!!


Final Range days are:

May 2

May 16

May 30

Please check the sign up list to see which day you are on


Saturdays from 0900-1100 @ the legion. All are welcome


Saturday from 1000-1630. We still have a few spots open so come on out. Bring a lunch and your boots and wedge. Lastly dress for the weather as we will be outside all day.


Congrats to band on their first Regional Band Competition in 10 years!!!! Practice still continues ,Mondays 1800-2100, for band as they ramp up for our Annual Ceremonial Review.

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR)

Mark it in your calendars and get it booked off June 9th is our ACR. For newer cadets, this is a grand parade to show off to your family and friends all that you have accomplished during the training year. This is also a MANDATORY EVENT.

Summer FTX

Jun 15-17 715 Air Cadets will be heading to Kelso Conservation Area and Campgrounds for their Summer FTX. The sign up is now available for cadets @ Deadline is May 31 @ Midnight to sign up. It is important that we know how many are attending as the Sqn pays per head so please let us know if you are unable to attend.

Your attendance at an FTX is a mandatory part of your level training and thus required for promotions so don't miss out. On that not we understand that this is also Father's Day weekend. So please let us know if you are unable to attend all or part of this weekend.

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