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Upcoming Band Events

Band members have something fun and exciting to look forward to in the coming 2 weeks. We will be attending our first competition of the 2018-2019 training year! To prepare for this, we have some upcoming MANDATORY events for all band members! Please see the details below and email any questions or concerns to

-CI MacLeod


Mandatory practice; please bring your uniform in a garment bag (including boots) competition ready, instrument and all pertaining music, and dress warm for the weather as we may be practicing outside. Lunch will be provided.

Where: Burlington Legion, 828 Legion Rd

Time: 9am-4pm


regular band practice as scheduled


Band only is excused from wearing their uniforms for this COs parade, provided you wear appropriate civilian attire to keep your uniform in competition ready standards. Any cadets in inappropriate civilian attire will be sent home.


Band comp day! Cadets are expected to arrive at the legion at 730am with full uniform in a garment bag, ironed and polished and ready to go. Please wear appropriate civilian attire. Bring your music and instrument. Bus leaves the legion for Dennison Armoury in Toronto at 1030am. Lunch will be provided. Bus is expected to return between 4pm and 5pm depending on traffic. Parents please be prepared to pickup your cadet from the legion between those times. Cadets will text/call when we are on our way home with an expected ETA.

Where: Drop off and Pick up at the Burlington Legion, 828 Legion Rd

When: 730am-4pm/5pm

Looking forward to a great competition season and please wish the band members luck!

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