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UPDATE: How to Register for the Aviation Expo

As per our last post, you should know that the Careers in Aviation Expo 2019 is completely free for cadets using code CADET19. The expo itself is on Saturday September 21st from 8am-3:15pm and ground school is being moved to the following Sunday to accommodate cadets wishing to attend both. Lunch is provided and dietary concerns will be accommodated. Dress in your uniform, C2 dress standard, if you don't know what that is, check out "Uniform Standards" under the Resources page. For recruits, please come in black pants and a white button up.

There were some concerns expressed last Tuesday about being unable to register for "Breakout Sessions" when going through the Eventbrite website to claim your free ticket. As of right now, these sessions are full. However, you can still attend the expo, the Breakout Sessions are just one of the many things the expo has to offer. Additionally, the organizers are working to add more Breakout Sessions, so even if you are unable to register for the Breakout Sessions currently listed, you may still be able to attend some on the day of.

Based on the code CADET19 used in registration, the event organizers will be reserving space in coming breakout sessions that they think the cadets will enjoy most, like "Flight Training" or "Pilot Tour" sessions. In summary, don't worry about the Breakout Sessions being full at the moment, just choose a time slot to complete the registration process and let the event organizers worry about the rest!

In regards to parents attending this event, parents / guests are welcome to attend, as it is a public event, and the code CADET19 can be used for parents, in addition to cadets and staff in the program, any parents or cadets interested in attending will also have free tickets.

Please do not worry if you've already registered and answered some of the responses differently than below. The important part is, you have your ticket!

Here's a step by step process of how to register;

1. Please fill out our sign up to let us know you're attending. Click here to be taken to the signup

3. Press "Tickets".

4. There should be an option that is available to "Enter Promotional Code". Click it, and enter "CADET19"

5. Enter in your information.

6. Put your full name down under "Company / Organization"

7. If you have any dietary restrictions, please mention them so your lunch can be accommodated!

8. Put down "715 Mohawk RCAC" under the name of your school / squadron.

9. For now, please say "No" to all of the time slots of the Breakout Sessions in order to complete the registration process. You will either be notified by email as more Breakout sessions are added or you will be informed what sessions are available on the day of.

Make sure to bring a printed ticket with you on the day of the expo!

Stay tuned for an update about transportation.

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