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Tagging is our primary source of income and is a mandatory fundraising activity. The money we raise helps support all our extra events and activities, on top of regular training. Cadets are required to dress in their full uniform. They will be outside for their shift, so dress for the weather. Uniformed cadets should come prepared with their parkas, and recruits should have a good winter jacket and hat in case it gets cool. Junior cadets will be paired with more experienced cadets. Information about your location and tagging group will be provided when you arrive at the legion for your shift.

Cadets need to sign up for a minimum of 4 shifts. Cadets who cannot commit to at least 3 shifts, will have to talk to the Commanding Officer about why that is the case. Cadets who do all 6 tagging shifts will be recognized the following Tuesday! Please click here to sign up for tagging.

Parents, we need your help too! There are a number of ways you can get involved in this fundraiser. We need counters, people who count the money we bring in. Counters must be over 18, but no cadets or staff are allowed to participate in the counting, only parents and SSC members.

We also need volunteer drivers. Cadets will be stationed at locations around the city, in groups of usually 2-4, and they will need your help getting to and from their assigned fundraising location. All drivers must bring in their license and proof of vehicle insurance. For those driving more than one shift, we only need you to bring this information in for your first shift, when we will photocopy it. Also, please note, we do not keep this information on file after the weekend, so even if you have given us the information last Spring, we will need it again for the Fall.

To sign up for shifts as counters, please click here.

To sign up for driving shifts, please click here.

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