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List of those Accepted to our March Break Trip

Congratulations to all that will be attending 715 Squadron's 2020 March Break Trip to Cape Canaveral, Florida! Please remember that this trip is still pending approval by DND, but we do not foresee issues so start packing! Just a couple of dates to keep in mind:

14 January 2020: First Payment due of $125 14 January 2020: March Break Meeting for Parents 11 February 2020: Second Payment due of $125

Those who are on stand-by did not meet all criteria. Captain Ohanian-May, CI May, Mrs. Shilliday or Mrs. Bannon will speak with you during the next training night (ie: the dinner this Tuesday).

Accepted: Arnott Arora Bateman Brooks Cabral Cooke Daptardar Du Plessis Dula Fitzgerald Fowler Godhino, M Godhino, N Groves-Pagnotta, I Groves-Pagnotta, J Horvath, C Horvath, S Hotchkies, C Jakic Kamboe Kandula Kohler Ogale Pflugbeil Sheridan Shilliday Spisak Wang, C Wang, E Wu

Stand-By Antoniu Brown Collett Geronimo Hellam Hotchkies, M Maposa Maunder Newman Poliziani Rairakhia, A Rairakhia, Y Shuttleworth Sovagovic Taylor Tuzkaya

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