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We are getting closer to our exciting March Break trip to Florida this year!

We've received many questions about the itinerary and specific details of the trip so please refer to the documents below to answer any questions. The kit list provided should help you pack for the trip, and be sure to bring portable activities for the bus ride!

All parents of cadets who are attending/on stand-by for the Florida March Break Trip are required to print and hand in the completed permission form. The last section asks about over the counter medication. Please consider granting permission to provide your cadet(s) with medication in the case of emergencies such as benadryl for mild allergic reactions, tylenol for pain relief, gravol for motion sickness, etc. It's terrible not being able to treat a cadet for a minor condition because permissions were not granted. We encourage you to send your cadet with over the counter medication that can be taken when needed. This medication will be held by an officer, and once an assessment has been conducted, the medication will be provided to the cadet (if needed). Please direct questions about this matter to Captain Ohanian-May.

March Break 2020 Documents;

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