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Interested in Getting Involved?


If you are a parent, family friend, ex-cadet, or just interested in helping out one of Canada's largest youth organizations; there are many ways you can get involved.


Become a Volunteer

The squadron always requires volunteers to assist with squadron activities such as driving, providing support and assisting with fundraising.


Become a Civilian Instructor

If you can devote time to the squadron on a weekly basis and/or have skills you can contribute to the squadron you can become a civilian insturctor (CI). CI's are considered apart of the squadron staff.


Become a CIC Officer

Cadet Instructor Cadre Officers are members of the Canadian Forces and are commissioned officers. There duties include instructing cadets, scheduling and administration and must be available to attend regularly. CIC Officers are offered payment from the Canadian Forces and training in order to enhance their skills. 


Become a Member of the Squadron Sponsoring Committee 

Every squadron has a sponsering committee and is important in providing support for the squadron such as fundraising, improving the facitilities and promoting squadron activities. If you are interested in working with the SSC let us know your interests and skills in our online form



If you are interested in getting involved with the squadron feel free to contact us through phone or e-mail. You can also come by on one of our training nights. 



828 Legion Rd. 

Burlington, Ontario

L7S 1T6




Training Night: Tuesday 6:30pm - 9:30pm



If you want to get involved as a Squadron volunteer, let us know your interests, skills and talents by taking our survey.


Click here to start.

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