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Squadron Staff

Each cadet Squadron is made up of leaders whom organize and supervise each activity. These supervisors are made up of Officers, Civilian Instructors (CI), Civilian Volunteers (CV), as well as Senior Cadets. These senior cadets are young men and women who have gather knowledge and experience through their formative years as a cadet and now, normally between the ages of 16-18, are given responsibilities and leadership roles in the squadron.

Capt. Young

Commanding Officer


Capt. Tucker CD

Training Officer

OCdt MacLeod 

Assistant Training Officer

Lt. Syed

Administration Officer

Lt. Taylor

Supply Officer

Cadet Staff

Squadron Commander

WO1 Czelinski

Deputy Squadron Commander

WO2 Johnson

Squadron Warrant Officer

WO2 Brown

Squadron Warrant Officer

WO2 Rairakhia

Hornet Flight Commander

Sgt Maposa

Hornet 2IC

Sgt Hotchkies

Voodoo Flight Commander

Sgt Yaworski

Voodoo 2IC

Sgt Ruetas

Griffin Flight Commander

Sgt Pflugbeil

Griffin 2IC

Sgt Hellam

Harvard (Recruit) Flight Commander

Sgt Waddell

Harvard (Recruit) 2IC

Sgt Morgan

Drum Major

WO2 Kovacevic

Flag Party Commander

Sgt Du Plessis

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