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Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) - June 8th 2019

Its that time of year again!

Annual Ceremonial Review (ACR) is less than 2 weeks away. This a day to celebrate a successful training year with all your friends and family. For new cadets, this is a Formal Parade similar to our CO's Parades. The cadets have been practicing really hard for it and we are so excited to show them what you got.


When: Cadets are to arrive at 0800. Seniors are to arrive @ 0730

Where: Mainway Arena ( 4015 Mainway, Burlington, ON L7P 3N9 )

Dress: Cadets are arrive in appropriate civilian attire in shoes they can do drill in (so no flip-flops). They are to bring their entire Full Dress Uniform press and ready to go on a Hanger.


When: Please arrive to be seated by 1220. We suggest arriving by 1200 for a good seat.

Where: Mainway Arena ( 4015 Mainway, Burlington, L7P 3N9 )

Dress: Business Attire

***Reception: Parents if you are bringing something for the reception please bring it when you drop your cadet off at 0800. If you have not signed up to bring something please click here to sign up.

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