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Swim Comp!! :)

The annual swim competition is tomorrow, February 8th. Everyone is welcome! Swimmers and cadet spectators too! Reminder, this is a cadet event only, so no friends or parents can sign up to attend the event. Those interested should be at the Burlington Legion at 2:45pm as we will be departing at 3:00pm. Be ready for a full day of fun! Pick up will be approximately at 9:30pm at the Legion. Transportation to the Bennetto community centre will be provided, and so will dinner.

Everyone is welcome! Even if you would not like to compete, you are still able to participate in an open swim, so bring your bathing suits! Make sure to bring a water bottle! There will be refill stations at the pool. Also, bring/wear appropriate clothes for dinner and the dance after the competition. Those who would rather not swim can play sports instead too, so make sure you have sports gear if you are interested in playing some sports!

If you are attending, fill out the sign up here, make sure to indicate if you are competing or not, AND BRING YOUR HEALTH CARD!

We cannot guarantee that your valuables will be protected in public spaces, so avoid brining anything of value with you or bring a lock to lock your belongings.

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