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Sportsmen's Show Signup

The 2020 Toronto Sportsmen's Show invites Cadets to come out and participate with the Canadian Cadet Organizations Information Booth and assist at the Air Rifle Range.

Running from 18 – 22 March 2020 (Wednesday to Sunday) at the International Centre, Mississauga (near the airport), volunteering at this unique event will demonstrate to the public how fantastic our Cadets are! And, you will get community service hours, count as an authorized Cadet activity on your file, plus you will receive a pass to attend the show.

For the Information Booth, we are looking for Sgt's and above, and the dress will be FTU/STU (C5) or flight suits (C5B) for pilots. For those cadets that do not the aforementioned dress, C3. You will speak with the general public about the Cadet programme, telling them what you enjoy doing as a Cadet.

For the Air Rifle Range, the dress is FTU/STU (C5), and you will assist with coaching activities using air rifles and air pistols. Preference will be given to Cadets with experience on the range, but all mature and responsible Cadets will be accepted. An orientation will be provided prior to the range operation.

There are two shifts you can volunteer for, and you must work the entire shift that you volunteer for.

Day Shift: 1000 – 1500hrs

Afternoon Shift: 1500 – 1900hrs (Sunday until 1700hrs)

Transportation will not be provided for this event, and it is unlikely meals will be provided, but stay tuned for any updates. If you have any question about this event, please reach out to Capt. Young.

To sign up for this event, you must complete both signups below. One is just for our information and the other is the official sign up for the event.

Signup 1; Please click here to let us know of your intent to participate in this event.

Signup 2; Please click here to fill out the event's form

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